In Greek mythology: Icarus, the son of Dedalo, who served King Minos of Crete, was the inventor and constructor who has built a maze for the king. For his disobedience, Minos was sentenced. To escape Crete together, he made two pairs of wings and they both went up in the air, but Icarus rose too close to the sun, the wax that held the feathers of his wings melted and he fell into the sea. An overly hectic flight that could end in disaster.

The Artist's unique painting technique is by putting the paint layer by layer to create an expressive relief texture. Like a painting that you can touch with your eyes. Each piece is unique, made by the artist's poetic and at the same time realistic point of view, with a 'secret message' for the admirer to decrypt with his own eyes and mind.

Oil on canvas, 120x150cm, 2013. Meda Norbutaitė.

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