Bonjour! Glad to see you here! My name is Jacob and it's nice to meet you!

Shortly about myself and how came this idea of ArtLofter. I was always passionate about art and one day I've decided to share this wonderful passion with the world, to let people meet the artists that maybe they've never knew before. It's like a big trip to explore the world of art and it's without boundaries!

About the name itself, ArtLofter.. Let's begin by Lofter, for me personally it's somebody that lives in a loft, a place with charm.. and Art is all around, wherever your eyes go, it will be there.. Sounds great, right? So voilà, that's how the name ArtLofter was born and I really like it!

I think it's enough for now but if you have any questions, don't be shy to ask and have a nice time exploring this amazing art-world!

From Jacob with Love