ArtLofter's Guide to Autumn/Winter Jewellery Fashion

         artlofter autumn winter jewellery jewelry fashion gold silver rings earrings necklaces

          Since the days are getting colder and darker, we need to improvise to bring some light into our daily lives. One way to do it is by wearing jewellery which will shine no matter what weather it is outside. Whether it’s grey and rainy or dark and cold. Jewellery can dramatically change not only your look during these wintery times, but also your state of mind and bring some delightful joy of wearing some beautiful handmade pieces of art.

          These days the choice of jewellery is limitless. Every person can find a piece that matches their soul and their lifestyle. It could be some minimalistic earrings, necklaces, or some larger pieces of jewellery, everything depends on the person’s tastes and preferences. But if you cannot decide yet what is the best jewellery for you – we are here to help you. This year’s favourite trends of jewellery for the Autumn/Winter seasons are:

  • Golden Jewellery with Pearls – a classical duo that can be worn all year round, elegant and shiny. Perfect to bring some light into your day. 
  • Large Pieces of Jewellery – eye-catching pieces that match perfectly with your body and soul. Whether it’s made from gold or silver. 
  • Nature Inspired Rings – when the leaves fall and your hands are not covered by gloves, rings can give an exquisite look, attracting many compliments from the people around you. 

          The main thing with jewellery is experimenting with different pieces and in the end finding the one that fits you perfectly, makes you smile and forget your daily problems. That is the type of jewellery you want. We wish you the best of luck finding the perfect piece that you deserve.

Truly yours,