Why Art is so important?

Hey, ArtLovers! It's our first blog post and we would like to thank you thousand times that you're here with us today! We want to talk to you about how art makes a difference in our all lives!

Art exists since the beginning of times. The first people in prehistory have started painting with charcoal their explorations on the cave walls, to express themselves and leave something behind them, a message or a fact. Till this day their pieces of art remains in several places like Lascaux Cave in southwestern France. (Sadly now it's closed to the public but you can still see the pictures of their beautiful drawings online!)

With modern-day artists, it's almost the same thing, they want to show you a message, to explain something, so you could feel the same thing that they felt when they did their pieces of art. Isn't that great? Art is far more expressive than simple words, it's the artist's perception of his life to the eyes of the entire world. Some may understand it, some may not. That's why people like different types of art. Everybody is different but each of us can find their place in the world of art. Just explore it and find art that is made for you!

Art gives magical vibes all around the world! It can give you many different feelings, warm, happy, mysterious, thoughtful.. Each piece of art is unique, has it's own message but they all share the same value - they are made with love. The world of art is huge and has a place for everyone. Because art is everywhere. Jewellery. Photography. Paintings. Drawings. Sculptures. Everything you can imagine that has been done with the artist's love and imagination is just in front of your eyes. So let's explore art together!

We think that everyone deserves a piece of art that makes them happy! Let us know in the comments if you love art as much as we do!